Nabi Square HD 4K action camera, kid-proof, for $170


Today, Nabi has announced a new 4K action camera called the Nabi Square HD. This is a rugged action camera that’s designed especially for kids with a rugged case to protect the camera from broken, dust or water. Even without the case, the camera still works at 30 feet under water.

The Nabi Square HD can record full HD 1080p video at 60 fps, 2.7K video at 30 fps, 4K video at 15 fps and also support for slow motion with 120 fps at 720p video. The Nabi Square HD action camera also works with Nabi tablet, let your kid to edit videos and upload to share with friends or family. The app will also come to Apple iOS and Google Android platform soon in next short time.

Nabi Square HD action camera specifications


If you would like to buy one of this rugged action camera for your kids, then the Nabi Square HD costs you $170. It’s a great replace solution for a GoPro Hero 4 action camera when you let your kid to use it too.