You can now chat on streaming videos with YouTube 6.0 Android app


On the morning of today, Google has released a new version of the YouTube Android app: the YouTube 6.0, with a new chat feature, allows users to chat on streaming video.

This isn’t a new feature and we sure that you have seen it before when you watch a YouTube live streaming video, but it’s reserved for the computer version with a browser.

get-it-on-google-play-storeAll you need to do are just upgrading your current version to the YouTube 6.0 version and scroll to the bottom to enable chat feature.

The YouTube 6.0 is now available on Google Play Store, click on the left button to get this app for your device.

If you don’t want to download the file on Google Play Store, let download the signed .apk file at! Too bad, there’s no information to know when this feature will available in the Apple’s iOS platform.

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