Xiaomi valued at $45 billion, higher than Sony and Nokia


Xiaomi, a Chinese phone marker, have got explosive growth since its first smartphone launch in 2011. Xiaomi is a new startup company, founded in 2010, is offering affordable and high quality phones for the Chinese market and now expanded to worldwide.

The Chinese phone maker was valued at $45 billion in a fundraising round today, more than Sony and Nokia. The success of Xiaomi depends on the quality of the hardware it produces which isn’t expensive but high quality. For example, the Xiaomi 16GB Mi 4 got a metal frame with 3GB of RAM, a 1080p full HD display and a 3,080mAh battery for only $320.

There are some competitors like Huawei or ZTE are following Xiaomi to selling high quality phones with lowest price, follow footsteps to get the success.

Xiaomi also want to expand their business into other market like notebook and have plans to release a 15-inch notebook which is very similar to Apple Macbook Air. Love it ?