Text Starbucks e-Gift card to your friends with Verizon


To all Verizon users, with the report from Verizon’s website, you can now use your smartphone, which have Verizon Message installed, to send a Starbuck e-Gift card to your friend on any U.S carrier. The cost of the e-Gift card will be billed to you.

With Verizon Message, it’s very easy to send the card, simply tap on eGift icon, choose your favorite background, select the amount you want to send like $5, $10 or $25, and add your message to send. The recipient just need to scans the e-Gift card’s barcode at any Starbucks location when paying.

The Verizon Message app is  available on both Android and iOS, free download for any Verizon customers.get-it-on-google-play-store

Will you sending some Starbucks gift card to your friends to say “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Birthday”, or just “Thanks,” ?