Microsoft’s Windows 10 build 9901 review, ISO file for download

Windows 10

We keep you up with the developmental progress of the next generation of Windows: the Windows 10, with more new features and ISO file for download is ready. Here are what the Windows 10 build 9901 have:

New wallpaper

Adding 5 more new wallpaper on the default wallpaper pack



Microsoft has implemented the Cortana to the system and using it for search feature both on the local and the web.



A new style for taskbar with all black color for the background, with an underline for the icon to show which icon is selected.


New maximum app window icon


Windows Store and Windows Store Beta

In this build, the Windows 10 has both Windows Store with the old design and Windows Store Beta with a new design but not complete yet.



There are also two photo manager and view app, both named Photos. However, the new version comes with more features and improvements.


This version still in developing and testing, then there are many of errors, we are not recommended to install to use, just for testing new features. If you want to download, following this link to download the build 9901 to your computer.

What feature you want the Windows 10 have ?