Make “The Interview” available, Google readies for YouTube long-term plans


As you know, YouTube is one of four digital streaming partners that release “The Interview” to the viewers alongside Google Play Store, Microsoft’s Xbox and Apple’s iTunes.

With this move, it’s great leverage to YouTube to become a movie distributor and standing with, Apple’s iTunes or Netflix.

For now, you can pay $5.99 or $14.99 to rent or buy “The Interview” from YouTube. Next you need to enter your credit card information and make purchase via Google Wallet.

There were millions people who use YouTube to watch random favorite videos everyday. But once you set up an account with credit card information then you are a part of different customer base and will ready to order favorite movies when Google release it.

With the decision to release “The Interview”, it brings to the company a way to have more customers on board and a best change to expand streaming movie and TV show services.

So who know in the next time, you don’t need any TV cable service, but just YouTube to watch movies, TV shows or even music MV videos.