How to Play YouTube videos in background with iPhone


Feeling tired to play your favorite YouTube playlist and need to keep the screen always on ? It’s waste a lot of your battery on the day. This problem happens starting from iOS 7 when Apple has removed the native YouTube app from its iOS and the new YouTube version from Google doesn’t support to use this feature.

But now, we have found a simple solution to help you enjoy your playlist even screen off. Here’s how:

  1. You should access from your Safari browser, and find the video or playlist you want to play. Then tap the play button.
  2. Next, simply press the Home button. The video will stop playing.
  3. Now, you can swipe up to access to the Control Center and tap the play button to continue to play your favorite videos again, in background of the device.

Please note that this tutorial doesn’t work with YouTube app at all. Also, we haven’t tested with any iPad device yet but we think it’s possible to work. Let’s try it and tell us your result.