High Performance PCIe Solid State Drive from Memblaze and PMC


How much time you can saving on your work with these new PCIe SSDs from Memblaze and PMC ?
PMC (PMC-Sierra, Inc) today announced that they are working with Memblaze as partner to release a new high performance PCIe SSD line up.

These new SSDs based on PMC’s Flashtec NVMe controller and provide up to 3.2GB/s for reading speed and 2.5GB/s for writing speed and delivery up to 850,000 IOPS for reading/256,000 IOPS for writing, which are two times greater than others.

By that, the flash memory controller includes 16 and 32-channel devives to help SSD can reach up to 8TB of storage.

However, there’s still no more specify details on these SSD yet. No release date or price. We will update you when it’s available.