GoPro HERO4 SILVER with $50 Gift Card for $400, Free Shipping

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Deal

In October, we posted an announcement about two new GoPro Hero 4 action cameras which were selling for $399.99 and $499.99 for the Black and Silver edition, respectively.

It seems that its price still doesn’t change but more gift will add to your order if you would like to get one Silver edition. Let’s purchase a Hero 4 Silver edition from Amazon or BestBuy, and you will get an additional $50 gift card, plus free shipping.

One more thing with, beside “gift card bundle”, you can select another one like “power bundle” that doesn’t come with $50 Amazon gift card. Replace to it, you will receive two more batteries and the charger. Cool ?

As a reminder to you, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver is an action camera that come with a high quality camera at 12-megapixel and the ability to capture photos up to 30fps. It has a built-in touchscreen display and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect the camera with GoPro App and software.

If you would like to have an action camera, take this with the gift.