Google wants to integrate Android into the car: Android for Car


As you know, Google and Apple have released its own version to support mobile devices on cars which require you to plug in your smartphone but there is a big limitation that smartphone’s battery life.

By that, Google is working on an Android version for cars that would be integrated directly to any of car like Android for Car operating system and allow driver to access and use applications as in a smartphone.

According to the Reuter’s report, Google will convince automakers to embed this service to their vehicles to bring more privacy and safety when driving.

If the Reuter’s report to be true and Google is speeding up its project, we should have the Android for Car version in the next year with its feature like Calling, Texting, Google Voice for Search and control, Weather and Google Maps.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t announced any details of timeframe for this plan, but we will hear about it soon in fall of next year.