Gigabyte launches the GTX 980 triple SLI Waterforce cooler for $3,000


Gigabyte has launched a completely water cooler for three high-end Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards called the Waterforce.

This completely water cooler system comes with three  GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards and each graphics card is factory overclocked at 1,228MHz base clock or 1,329MHz boost clock. These 980 cards come with 4GB of GDDR5 memory which clocked at 7,010MHz at 265-bit.


The Waterforce will deliver an excellent cooling performance and silent operation. It also has a front LCD display to let you monitor your three GPU temperatures and ajust fan and pump speeds.

The Gigabyte Waterforce liquid cooling system is now available for sell at for $3,000. Interested ? Get one, because it looks pretty cool.