BlackBerry works with Boeing to build a secure, self destructing smartphone


Boeing, one of famous and largest aircraft makers in the world, is collaborating with BlackBerry to build a secure smartphone named the Boeing Black.

Based on Google’s Android operating system, the Boeing Black smartphone is designed for use by people who have jobs on defense and security fields as well as who want a secure smartphone.

The Boeing Black phone will become a secured smartphone as claimed and also able to self-destruct if any attempt to unauthorized open it or tampered. So if anyone attempt to open the phone, it will destroy all of its data, completely.

With this collaboration, the Boeing Black Android-based smartphone will provide to you a secure mobile solution like encrypt calls and offer BlackBerry Enterprise Service. All data will go through the BlackBerry Enterprise server as security purposes.

The Boeing Black smartphone will feature two SIM slot: one for regular network and one for secure line, enable multiple mobile networks.

There’s no more information on this Android-based smartphone like specifications or launch date. We will update you with more details when they announce it, next time.