First 10Gbps fastest fiber internet service available in Minneapolis, MN

10Gbps Fiber Internet Service Speed

While AT&T has paused its fiber network and Google delayed to expand more places in its 1Gbps fiber internet service plan, the US Internet has announced the world fastest fiber internet service: 10Gbps in Minneapolis, MN.

Apparently, 10Gbps of speed is the fastest internet speed at the time and have never showed up in any place before. The service is faster than what’s AT&T and Google offered 10 times and about 400 times compared with the world average internet speed (25Mbps).


The 10Gbps speed is available for both download and upload, as Joe Caldwell, Co-CEO of US Internet claimed. It’s now available to 30,000 households in southwest Minneapolis for $399 per month. The 1Gbps plan of US Internet has dropped from $114 per month to just $65 per month and they are also offering $45 per month for the 100Mbps plan.

Not interested in the 10Gbps plan, so which plan you will select: $45 for 100Mbps or $65 for 1Gbps ?