Google Fiber Gigabit Internet Service in Austin, TX

1Gbps Google Fiber in Austin, TX

According to one post from Google+ channel of Google Fiber, they have released three plans of Google Fiber gigabit service in Austin, Texas.

For the basic plan, you will cost zero per month but need to pay $300 for installation fee which can pay at once or month by month in 12 months.

The next plan comes with the speed at 1Gbps as promised will cost you at $70 per month and free installation. Also, Google will give you 1TB of cloud storage for all Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos.

And the last plan will cost you at $130, which is the same with the 1Gbps plan and include 150 TV channels and allow you to record up to 8 channels at once.

Do you think these 1Gbps plans are enough to you while you can download about 20 songs in a second and an HD movie in half minute ?