Samsung Galaxy Note 4 unlocked now available through Amazon in the US market


With the past news from us, have you pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note 4 yet ? If you haven’t, then you can take one now from for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 unlocked version, free to go, for $845 for the black version and $855 for the white version. Prefer the gold version than others ? Then you need to wait about 6 to 10 days because this edition isn’t in stock yet.

Also, please note these models are the SM-N910 factory unlocked model, and not compatible with CDMA network and carrier such as Verizon and Sprint. These models also don’t come with warranty.

If you prefer to get one Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with your current carrier plan, then just sit and wait, most US carriers will up it on the shelf for sale by October 17th.