MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard Unboxing and Short Review

In this post, we will giving some pictures about how this new X99 chipset mainboard look like, and a short review about the performance of it with the Intel 5820K and DDR4 RAM.

The MSI X99S MPOWER Specifications

The MSI X99S mPower mainboard supports the new and latest Intel Core i7 processors EE (Extreme Edition) in LGA 2011-3 socket and supports for DDR4 up to 3333 in OC mode, with quad-channel.
It also has Turbo M.2 that delivering up to 32Gb/s of transfer speed, and SATA Express, SATA III 6Gb/s with USB 3.0 and Intel Gigabit LAN.
For gamers and who need to setup more than one VGA, this mainboard allows you to setup VGA in NVIDIA Quad SLI or AMD Quad CrossFire, and comes with quick VGA disable function.

MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard Specifications

The General of the MSI X99S MPOWER Mainboard through Images


The dominant color of the MSI X99S mPower mainboard is black color, and come with a little yellow color on the main radiator.


Compared with the Z97 and the Z87 MPOWER, this new X99 (MSI X99S mPower) version is designed with softer lines, the heat dissipation is less and smaller, make room for the extra 4 DIMM slots.

MSI X99S MPOWER MotherboardMSI X99S MPOWER MotherboardMSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard

The sound section come with Audio Boost 2.

MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard

This mainboard come with some buttons (that soldered on board), make it easy to use with the benchtable.

MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard

Connectors on the back of MSI X99S mPower mainboard.

MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard

Feature of each button on this X99 mainboard.

MSI X99S MPOWER Motherboard

The Quick Test and Overclocked

This is a quick test with Intel Core i7-5820K with DDR4 memory. The test also does some CPU and RAM overclocked.