Apple iPhone 6 Plus bend test: Easy to bending with hands

There are many reports that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is very easy to bend in your pocket by accident. Following those reports, we just found a test video to bending an iPhone 6 Plus from Unbox Therapy YouTube channel:

* Bend Apple iPhone 6 Plus testing video.

As you can see that with your hands, you can easy to bending your Apple iPhone 6 Plus. So if you left your phone in your pocket or on the sofa and just sitting or sitting on top of it, then same trouble comes, as the video above.

Of course, Apple has invited many journalists and magazines come to their factory to see testing progress and they also said over 30,000 iPhones were picked randomly to test before announces new iPhone to us. However, most people still worried.

By now, there’s still no word from Apple to confirm that they will fix this in next iPhone from the factory before ship to customers or not.