Yahoo to shutdown Yahoo Education, Qwiki and Directory


According to one report from the Tumblr blog post, by Jay Rossiter, SVP of Yahoo’s cloud platform group, that they will shutdown Yahoo Education, Qwiki and Directory in coming weeks and months.

For the first, Yahoo will close Yahoo Education, a website to connect users with education providers and content, by September 30.

Qwiki is an iOS app to create short movies based on photos and video in a user’s camera roll, and this startup has been acquired by Yahoo on this past July. And now, this app will be closed by November 1, but the Qwiki team still to work on other Yahoo’s media projects.

The last one and also oldest one, the Yahoo Directory, let everyone to list website and its information and sort by category to help people to find websites on categories they need. Yahoo decided to close this service because at this time, it’s not valuable and useless. It will shutdown by the end of December 31.