Portable Xbox One With 22-inch 1080p Screen

Portable Xbox One HD Display All In One

How do you feel if you can carry your Xbox One and a 22-inch screen to anywhere you want and play anytime when you are free ?

Ed Zarick, a modder who has made an all in one Xbox One with a Vizio 22-inch 1080p  LED LCD display in one custom notebook chassis.

Portable Xbox One All In One

If you are interested on this, so the question is how much is it ? As he said he has spent a lot of time working on this project, but this may seem expensive to produce. So you can get one Xbox One 500GB with Kinect for $1,495, without Kinect for $1,395 and $1,095 if you provide Xbox One for him. These prices isn’t include shipping fees, and you need to pay $50 for Flat Rate Shipping to 48 US states.

Portable Xbox One All In One